5 thoughts on “Early Evening – Jebel Shams.

  1. Love the texture, it could almost be a close up of a small patch of slumping creek bed or similar. Except for the tree. Those must be huge boulders on the lower slope.

    1. The geology here is fascinating – my understanding is the Al Hajar mountain range is essentially an anticline.
      It is certainly a phenomenally varied strata; I remember that when I first arrived and was trying to describe the rock formations, I used the term ‘ layer cake’ because the colours would vary from Blues, greens, yellows and browns in just a few kilometres.
      The locals in some of the villages on Jebel Shams have got a nice little business going, selling sea shell fossils and a Quartz type crystal.
      The blocks of mélange in the lower reaches can be uniquely different from the surrounding rock, enough to make one wonder how they got there….
      Then you get the Al Huqf and Ramlat Al Wahaybah a totally different story.


      1. Thanks for all the information – it sounds like a fascinating place to walk around and look at closely. I am glad you don’t stick to just b&w because the colours are wonderful in some of your shots.

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