14 thoughts on “Jebel Shams – trees.

    1. Thanks – I am always surprised at the response I get for some of my images: I sit on them for weeks maybe months and then get inspiration as to how I should print them. Then its trying to get the screen image looking the same…..!
      What I can do with film and chemicals never seems to look right when I use anything digital: hay ho… will get there one day.



    1. Thank you and yes there is run-off from the mountains which create pockets of water like this area. But you maybe surprised to know that about one klick from where this image was taken, there is running water 365 days a year.
      I always say to people who ask – I can find water all year round but…… you may need to walk for upwards of 3 or 4 hours! 🙂


  1. That is a stunning landscape, David. I have just been out in the plains of western Manitoba and seen trees dying in the drought; how do trees ever survive in Oman?

    1. Thanks – many years of adaptation along with roots that can cover an area & go deeper than the size of the tree above them. (So I am reliably informed 🙂 )


  2. One of your finest (in my humble opinion). I love the way the trees stand out in the landscape. I love the contrast with the mountainous horizon. It’s like the mountains are providing a protective surrounding for this grove of trees. Just really beautiful work!!!!!!

    1. I am completely with mobius on this one – really a wonderful photo and the way you have brought the trees out is terrific.

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