Interesting Geology found at Huqf.

Interesting Geology found at Huqf; all these were within a couple of metres of each other. This is where I wish my knowledge of the subject  was more than non-existent……….

Very frustrating !

The yellow/orange had a very sulphurous smell and the dark red/brown was powdery and stained the fingers.

This one and the above seemed to be Iron ore ?

Unusual (For me anyway) crystal formations that were very heavy for their size.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Geology found at Huqf.

    1. Yes and they have the weight of good quality Lead Crystal, found a pyramid shaped piece that I will use as a paper-weight.
      I should have got all technical and used a coin for size 🙂 but these are about 5cm from end to end and 3 to 4 mm thick.


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