9 thoughts on “Sunlight.

  1. This is very nice. Last year I spent a lot of time documenting an archaeology project in an old building that a lot of holes in the roof. The spots of sunlight on the floor and walls were a plague in that context. But here they are great, though I can’t tell if the one to the left is a window opening (rather think it is) but both could be coming through what looks like a very leaky roof.

      1. I think it is nearly impossible to get that kind of exposure right – maybe a very long exposure and dodging out the window with a little rectangle on a stick or something tricky like that….

        1. Ha – the problem there is that the highlights get blocked and go almost black on the negative. Neither print nor scan will recover those. What I did in this case was meter both high and low then average the reading and hope 🙂
          Then use a card with three small holes for the highlights after flashing the paper (giving it a slight diffused exposure without the negative) but then I had problems with the scan. Cannot win sometimes……

          Re-reading your comment: yes at the printing stage you are right, I could have done it that way, but it was easier trying to get the negative right first.
          If I had used the D200 I would have still done the same but then still have similar problems in P/Shop.

      2. Well, I was making a smart-ass comment about the trouble one could go to get the negative right. I have never even tried the relatively simple version for long bright sky exposures and moving a saw tooth edged black card to lower the upper exposures. The idea of doing that kind of thing more precisely seems a bit of a joke though I am sure some have tried it. And, I assumed you probably considered similar in the darkroom where it is more feasible, though not something I ever did very successfully in the those far off days. Interesting option that I never thought of to get the main part right and then work just on the holes.
        Anyway, it worked out well and looks good.

    1. Thanks Eldin,
      I nearly deleted it though; as it looks good on my calibrated monitor and prints well but…..when I saw it on two other monitors – brighter than I expected (I tagged it sRGB) so not sure what the problem is. Maybe just me as I still get a bit frustrated with digital representations as apposed to prints.
      As an aside – I hope the New Year has started out well for you.


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