Arched Doorway.

Arched-DoorwayI wanted this to look like some of the old Near East images that I have come across, so I really messed up some Tri-x in old D76 developer.

Nikon F2SB with Nikkor 55mm f2.8 Micro.


14 thoughts on “Arched Doorway.

      1. Because I don’t do so much film as I would like – sporadic is a good word for it – I’ve learnt to accept that less than optimum may not give the best but it can certainly give something worthwhile.

  1. Loved this picture. I really like that it ends in some stairs. Why is the frame so thick?

    1. Thanks.
      Border size?
      It is because that is the way I usually frame an image when it comes out of the darkroom, or frame prints from my digital thingy.


        1. Thanks Virginia,
          I was never happy with the way some of my images appeared on the screen, Decided that by reproducing something similar to the mount board I used helped.
          Well I hope so 🙂


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