10 thoughts on “Juniper – Jebel Shams.

  1. Finally I come across a photographer who knows what they’re doing! I’ve been looking through all of your posts back as far as August of 2012. I was entrance with your study of Omar. I hear so many photographers from around the world whine because they feel they have no subject matter to capture. You are proving them wrong.

    I cut my teeth in photography 42 years ago, starting out with a 10,000 foot reel of ASA 2 35mm B&W high altitude mapping film. It was used on B-52 bombers in the USAF and left behind for those of us stationed in Misawa, Japan. I was also given a huge can of special Kodak Dektol concentrated developer to process that special film that was virtually grainless. I did all my own processing and printing. Paper was my only cost.

    I can see you understand the fundamentals of photography. It’s all about the light. I love your treatment of texture and form in your compositions. I can’t honestly say I’d like to spend a lot of time in that environment as I’m very uncomfortable in hot climates but I would love to take the opportunity to photograph that region of the world. It’s an almost diametric opposite of my life here in the Pacific Northwest of America. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit my world but I’m sure that if you haven’t you’d be just as taken with this garden paradise as I am.

    I’ve marked your blog site as a favorite and will return often to dig back even further in your archives. I admire your talent right down to the simple stroke frames you’ve chosen to embellish your body of work. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my humble blog as my goal in producing it is to share my world, my environment. – Bob Mielke

    1. This is praise indeed; thank you very much for those kind comments, they are much appreciated.
      Until I started this blog, scanning and anything digital was unknown. all my work was carried out with film & using a traditional dark-room, so I struggled getting the screen image to look anything like a print (I think I am getting there….. 🙂 ) although it is sometimes hard work.
      Chemicals are almost non-existent here in Oman now, so I mix my own for B&W and just about getting the hang of a digital camera for colour.
      You are right about the heat, at this time of year (40c+) I sometimes think I’m mad but hay ho.
      No I have not visited America, although envy you all that open space.
      You have some superbly detailed work on your site it is a pleasure to look at.


  2. This is very nice! I am thinking you might have used a filter to get the sky so well balanced with the foreground. It is an excellent exposure.

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