6 thoughts on “Clouds From Shams.

      1. Wow, I would not have guessed. Have you been there? It must give a great view of your more usual haunts in the right weather.

        1. No, as the sides are rather crumbly – ok going up, treacherous coming down !
          There are many of these cone shaped peaks (left over from the tethys sea days I think)


  1. I find clouds interesting (in a photo). I like the light and shade in an image.
    They can make for some great B & W.

    1. They have a fatal fascination for me, as ever since I started climbing and trekking up around these levels there is an inner thought – what would it be like walking on them – probably like snow until the crevice opens up and you fall through….. 🙂 Great fun until the abrupt stop !
      No hope for me, I am past redemption 🙄


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