Misfat Al Abreen.

Dates Misfat Al Abreen


Bananas-Misfat-al-AbreenNikon D800 50mm f1.8 AF D lens.

Misfat Al Abreen is a traditional mountain village perched on the jebel above Al Hamra on the way to Jebel Shams. When I first visited in about 1986, it was very secluded and certainly didn’t get many, if any visitors from outside the local area.

It has now embraced tourism (all be it in a very limited way) as one can stay in a converted traditional village house. I think it was a case of ‘if you can’t beat them then join them’ which helps with the local economy.

There is an abundance of water which allows the growing of bananas, dates, mango, papaya and vegetables in spite of the dry vegetation elsewhere in the summer months.

Sorry: this is beginning to sound like a tourist guide, but it is such a lovely and welcoming village I needed to say more.

A project this winter is to spend time in the visitors house and take pictures……….

8 thoughts on “Misfat Al Abreen.

  1. That sounds like a fantastic project – staying and photographing. You have given us a taste of the place the past few days which makes me want a lot more. But then that goes for your pictures in general.

    1. Thanks,
      I try showing the sort of places I like visiting, which in most cases are not on the, what is now known as “tourist routes” but for how long?
      Unfortunately there needs to be progress and that means paved roads, which means tourists…….
      I have been privileged seeing Oman move from only a few kilometres of tarmac (great fun in my Landrover) to what it is today. Even a small village of two or three houses in the depths of nowhere, will have electricity and some sort of road.
      I could go on but you get my drift – not all countries in this area fit the mould presented by the media.
      Misfat has only just begun its journey; lets hope it can hold on to some tradition.


  2. David, have you finally succumbed to the dark side? Can’t be far away, having acquired a camera that I have coveted since it was first introduced, the D800. Green with envy! These two shots are superb. Just a pity that you won’t let us all see your shots in their full glory! Here’s hoping anyway. 🙂 We want more pixels!

  3. Will look forward to the pics in the visitors house, David.
    (and between you and me, I often feel like a tourist guide on my own blog).

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