Explore the rock art of Saudi Arabia: Web Site.

A Saudi Arabia Rock Art information site that I have just been given:


This is an amazingly detailed and informative web-site for anyone interested in rock art and a must see.

Their introduction page says it all.

This Web site is designed to give scientists and the public an opportunity to explore rock art in the remote landscape of Saudi Arabia. Take a tour and learn about the ancient people who carved the petroglyphs and the animals they hunted and herded. We have chosen some exciting imaging techniques to best depict this dramatic art. Some of our Web pages are interactive, allowing you to zoom in on specific figures or navigate around an image (GigaPans), or change the lighting on an image to see more (PTMs).

If you look then I hope you have an hour or two spare…. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Explore the rock art of Saudi Arabia: Web Site.

  1. David – thanks for posting this – what an interesting website. Including a lot of great photography. Doesn’t it make you want to get out to a site, camp and photograph it at night?

    1. I thought so as well – they have put a lot of effort into it.
      Yes….. I had never thought of using night and side lighting; although I’ve found that early morning sun has helped.
      Ideas 🙂


      1. I very powerful experience with some rock art can be to light it with a lantern with a flame, or a candle if conditions allow. The flickering light waving back and forth a little can put the images into motion.
        In my part of the world some of the rock art is said to have been used for initiation practices, at night, lit by torches. When you see it that way you can imagine the surreal effect it had on young doped up minds.

        1. Don’t get me wrong. This was ritual doping with plant extracts, enhanced by sleep deprivation and fasting. It is cool enough without mind altering substances!

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