Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens.

Further information about this photographer can be got: courtesy of Nunc-Contemporary,
Antwerp Belgium.

10 thoughts on “Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens.

  1. These are beautiful photographs. But I have a problem looking at photographs in a video. When I look at art, I don’t enjoy it if the pace is dictated to me. And aside from that, very often, the music is not to my taste. Actually, I am a little shy of all videos. There are some that I like very much. But many of the videos I get in the mails are really not to my taste.

    1. Unfortunately for some,my taste in music can be a little eclectic 🙂
      The photographs can certainly stand on their own merit; it just so happened that I was looking through YouTube and found this clip and it instantly captured my attention.


  2. Wow! I wish I could take photos like that. The one with bubble wrap head dress (4:06) is fantastic! Thanks for the links, much appreciated.

  3. Stunning images. I’ve never heard of this photographer before.

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