20 thoughts on “Door at Jabrin Castle.

  1. I do enjoy this B&W image. Your capture seems both menacing and inviting. Gosh, that ancient F2 in your hands still is everything it was when it was…hmmm…King.

    1. Thank you,
      It maybe old but it is still a delight to use, although I do get a few rather incredulous looks; as if they can’t quite believe it’s a functioning camera. πŸ™‚


      1. Ahh….but I expect you were enjoying the actual process of using that old fellow as much as making the photograph. Years ago, before anyone used the word “digital” I also had an F2 – mine included the heavy battery filled winder. I haven’t thought of it in years, you have me thinking how nice it felt to hold and how much fun you must be having as onlookers wonder at you.

        1. It took me ages before I started Digital (only about two years now) got the D200 at a very good price and (beat it into submission as was suggested by a fellow blogger) have just got the D800 but both are really only because colour chemicals are ‘zero’ in Oman.
          Over the years I have obtained the F2Sb, F3 & F4 but still use the F2 more than the others.
          Only ever given it some TLC (clean & meter recalibration) from ‘Sover Wong’ in UK; that is the only camera he works on and a great job he does.
          Like the venerable ‘F’ precision built by hand and it tells………..

          Infact when I got the D800 the Nikon agent in Oman wanted me to show him my F2. He then proceeded to search the store and gave me lots of screens and other odd spares he had, free of charge just for being able to take a few ‘digital images’ of the F2. πŸ™‚


        2. Hey David, that’s great about getting all the free stuff for your F2. I also had a F3. Missed the F4, but I got the F5.
          My wife and I made our jump to digital back in 2002 when we both got D100s.
          I then moved to a used D2h some time later. And a few years ago I got a used D2xs and my wife took the D2h. About a year ago a guy I know sold us his D300s for my wife.
          Like you I just moved to the D800. I got a good deal on a used D800e and have now been trying it out for about a month.
          I do like it. The clean files and dynamic range are closer to film than any of the others.
          I have only used it for portraits…wow! Now I want to see if I can reproduce the smooth quality of those old B&W films.
          I will look forward to your progress with the D800. Your current film images are so good – I wonder what those large 36mp files will do for you.


        3. Frighten me …… πŸ™‚
          The one thing I will need is more RAM … a faster computer, a better monitor, a better…… oh heck I’ll just go back to chromes:
          Joking aside, yes it looks like the image quality will be very good. As long as I remember the golden rule about the histogram or expose for the high-lights, we should get along very well. It may even take over from my Bronica S2a (ho wash my mouth out with soap)


        4. Ha well – I do like old πŸ™‚ cameras.
          I have a bit of time before now and October when the weather gets more comfortable (not in the upper 30’s as it is now) so we shall see.
          I did use it for a few when I visited Misfat al Abreen but it is not intuitive yet.


  2. I like the detail on this shot. I think doors, especially those with interesting textures make great images. There’s a certain stillness about them that make me feel calm and rested. I don’t know whether anyone else feels this way when viewing a ‘closed door’ image.

    1. Thanks,
      For me it’s the anticipation of what might be behind them.
      For this image I actually pushed one of them open a little (no one around to complain πŸ™‚ ) the thing is I then presented myself with an exposure problem that would not have been there if I had left well alone….
      Can’t win them all.


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