New interpretation of an old negative.

Trees-tonedNew interpretation of an old negative previously posted.

I have been working on a re-print of this negative. One of the advantages of scanning negatives is the ability to play around with them before printing in the darkroom.

Previously it would take several prints and sometimes many hours working up to a final print. Now, if I have an idea about a negative, I can scan and play in Photoshop, I then make notes and go for it in the darkroom, without wasting paper (that paper now being VERY expensive compared to only a few years ago)

Pre-visualisation is not always the final interpretation: look at the number of changes Ansel Adams made to Moonrise Hernandez New Mexico.

He is still one of the major contributors to B&W photography, even if he has joined the ranks of those that seem to be denigrated by some these days.

His Zone System is about the only way to get good exposure in difficult light; especially combined with a spot-meter. If you don’t believe me then remember all those blocked-up high lights (err ‘blown highlights’ in the digital world 🙂 ) that cannot be controlled in Photoshop. Yes, sometimes it is unavoidable, but in most cases they can be controlled at the point when the image is made.

The above image is not made on IR (Infra-red film) it’s Ilford HP5 @ 320 in Microdol-X @ 1+3.

9 thoughts on “New interpretation of an old negative.

    1. Thank you,
      I must admit it’s one of my favourites although devilishly hard to print if attention is not given to the paper & developer.
      A camping trip when one has all the time in the world and I think it shows in this image.


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