Bottle of wine.

Bottle-of-wineA quick ‘still life’ before I drink it all  🙂 Found this at the back of the rack where I sometimes buy wine,  2001 and it has kept very well……… even better when the price charged was from 2001!

10 thoughts on “Bottle of wine.

  1. Really nice photo, and find. I wish I could find some 2001 priced wine around here!
    A while back I was reading somewhere a discussion about the kinds of pictures taken at the end of rolls of film, when the photographer just wants to get the film out of the camera for the other shots. Perhaps that is less of a factor now that film is more rare, but this semes a perfect example of you shooting something you would not otherwise bother with just to get that roll of film ready for processing.

    1. Thank you very much – makes a change for me doing ‘still-life’ type images.
      I had a roll of black paper, the window light was good and just a few frames left on a 35mm film.


  2. A very elegant picture of a bottle of wine and goblet half full. Is wine a problem there in Oman? I would imagine that they’d frown at it.

    1. Thanks,
      No no at all……. in fact Oman has a very tolerant attitude to most things. ‘Let your conscience be the judge’ seems to prevail. It’s what makes them so exceptional in this area; probably the fact that they are a seafaring nation and have been for a long time.


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