9 thoughts on “Nizwa Fort.

    1. Ha…. I got told many years ago that the acronym ‘Kiss’ (keep it simple stupid) was a good adage for B&W, so I now have it permanently stamped in my brain.


    1. Thank you,
      I am getting the hang of it slowly, it is a lovely camera to use once I got all the settings sorted. The exposure latitude (with me anyway) is about +/- 1 which means as long as I keep an eye on the high-lights, the shadows can be pulled in without much noise being generated.
      I definitely do not have enough ‘RAM’ but expected that…. working on updating my PC; needed to anyway so.
      B&W conversion with P/Shop channel mixer (not pre-sets) seems to work and keeps good control of the histogram.
      Using 14bit lossless compressed Raw is almost indistinguishable from un-compressed up to 12×16 anyway (handy until I get my PC sorted)
      Like the artificial horizon in the view finder (not used live view) can’t see me ever using, but never say no.
      It likes my old 55mm f2.8 micro but not sure about the Tokina 35-70 ATX Ais. The cheap 50mm f1.8 AF D is great which was a surprise.
      AF modes are good but still like a depth of field scale on the lens which knocks out a lot of newer lenses (maybe just me but I like to see what D of F I’ll get with hyper-focal settings as well as just going for it with a set F stop) old ways – old dog……. 🙂
      If I can overcome the fear of not having a negative (tangible thing) then it could be the slippery slope certainly for colour.
      Stop using my Nikon F’s never as it’s like asking me to go off-road in anything other than a Landrover …..


      1. Hi David, I have been wondering how you’ve gotten along with that D800.

        You mentioned exposure latitude. I guess that’s dynamic range. I agree digital gets some getting used to – with film we exposed for the shadows. With a sensor we don’t need to worry too much abut shadows , but do about highlights.
        You wrote “do not have enough RAM”.. Well, I had to add 8GB to my old Mac. It was almost shutting down under the strain of those big files.

        And for converting to B&W I use NIKsoftware’s SilverEfx. Much more control than Photoshop.
        I haven’t bothered with the artifical horizon or live view either…they are to fancy and get in my way. I’ll try ‘em later I suppose.

        I sold the old 24-120 that I have had for 15yrs, it wasn’t sharp on the D800. Fine on my D2xs and my wife’s D300s, but it wasn’t being used on either.
        I mostly use a 24-70 and 70-200. They work fine for most subjects.
        You mentioned “depth of field scale”. It’s been long time since I had a lens with that feature. I just have gotten used to how each lens I own works and guess – I like lots of DF anyway.

        “overcome the fear of not having a negative”. I like your sense of humor. With that statement and “Stop using my Nikon F’s never”.
        I understand. I really liked my Nikon F5, but finally relented under my wife’s hounding. I was shooting events with both the F5 and a D100 for a year or so. Then I finally gave in. However, film and digital are different and I see nothing wrong with producing images with both.
        Heed my warning: Digital is Addicting.

        Thanks for the update on your new life with the D800. I have been thinking about you.. Especially after I read your favorable comments about Murray Foote’s Greenland photography. (Murray uses a D800 and D3s) by the way.

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