New Computer…….

Beware:    a rant !..

I have at long last got a new computer (A nice shiny Samsung with lots of memory for my D800) but…………………….

It has windows 8 – ukkk…….. what the heck are all those tile things ! ho and it will not let me use my Plustek 7600i scanner (yet! ?) I  will give it a go for a while but can see me re-formatting and loading my windows 7, time will tell.

I hate new technology, I thought it made life easier ? but …… A camera takes pictures, a phone makes calls,  a computer allows one to control things; but no, it seems I can now talk to friends I didn’t know I had, join FaceBook (I don’t think so)  play games on line with all those new friends I didn’t know I had – and so it goes.

Ho well, back to getting Firefox working the way I like it and where did I put all those serial numbers for software.

I think I will continue looking for a good Nikon ‘F’ at a fair price because at least it is clockwork 🙂

p.s…. I have just been told all the things on Windows 8 help improve my life-style and help connect with people: what the hell is that .. my life is ok (much the same as most I think) and as far as connecting with people – I thought face to face conversation or the very least pen & paper did that!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “New Computer…….

  1. I enjoyed the rant!
    “I have just been told all the things on Windows 8 help improve my life-style…”
    Yeah, they’ve got to tell us that. I’m using Windows 7, which is fine but can’t say I find it any better than XP. I know I’m supposed to though….

    1. Difficult is the new easy in ‘Newspeak’ not to mention change for change sake (money rules)
      My old computer was getting on for 10 years and transited from XP to 7 with no problem. But could not get suitable RAM as no one made it any more not to mention graphics cards (old PCI not the ‘plus’ type slots).
      Hay ho….


  2. Rant all you like, David.
    Actually I thought it was a pretty small rant.

    I looked at every computer under the sun in Oct 2012 when my old windows desktop (belonging to my older brother) died for the 4th time (never to be resurrected) and took the plunge to buy my own computer & set it up myself. (I am technology challenged, hence me relying on my 2 brothers for everything in the past).

    Finally, after dismissing Windows 8 entirely as a whole lot of ’tiles’ and things I didn’t need and didn’t want….. and bought a little Mac Pro. Within 24 hours I was up & running and actually understand everything on it. It was a miracle. I did need the Apple Helpdesk’s help in setting up the Time Machine back-up though. I did what the instructions said and it didn’t work. As it turned out, I had missed something very basic (which I would have picked up if I’d understood more about computers).

    I love it. I can’t say enough good words about the Mac. I use this 13″ laptop with my 27″ Dell screen, so I can see (with my poor eyesight), but I can actually read the 13″ screen on the laptop. The resolution is amazing (even though it’s not the more expensive Retina screen). I also took it up to the country for the weekend. I bought the Mac Pro because it has the CD slot. The lighter Mac Air doesn’t.

    Only two drawbacks are……… that I can’t copy my old windows back-up drive with all the excel & word docs onto it. So I have to connect my old back-up drive to use those spreadsheets and print from them, but that’s no hassle. And it’s only got 500kb memory, but that just makes me more selective on what photos I keep. I’ve currently got about 16,000 photos sitting on it and the memory is about 55-60% full. The rest of my photos are still sitting on the old back-up drive, but as I never look at them, I guess I don’t actually need them.

    Windows 8 have done some serious advertising on TV in Melbourne in recent months – sales have been exceptionally poor here (and around the world I think).

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Yes Apple was on my list but expensive here and again all the hassle with programs/drivers; my problems is that I fix things so unless they go terribly wrong, I hate waste and will not throw out.
      Fun & games….


  3. I’d suggest staying with Windows 8, personally. There are some irritations with the interface that you get used to before long and apart from that it’s essentially Windows 7 with some efficiency improvements. It’s supposed to be faster on laptops. It also handles some disk crisis scenarios automatically that used to be very manual.

    I’ve just discovered this article on creating an image backup, really an essential process for any computer:! . One thing I hadn’t realised is that Windows 8 Image Backup makes Refresh PC viable. By default it just restores your initial installation, not including any programs you have subsequently installed. But if you have a Windows Image, it uses that for Refresh PC instead of a blank new image.

    1. Hi Murray,
      Getting there – found a Samsung desk-top which was hidden behind Win 8 so that and Win 8.1 helps (as long as I don’t shut down) and if I can find the right Plustek driver, I may give it a go.
      I use Acronis for back-up as it takes a mirror image ‘along with all programmes AND passwords/serial numbers’ so unless one really messes up.
      Oh happy days….


      1. I also use Acronis for image backup (as well as file backup) but earlier this year I had a crash and the Acronis image backup didn’t work but the Windows one did. After that I was able to restore the more recent Acronis backup. So I think it’s a good idea to have both.

        1. Very good tip Murray, although I have twice tested the backup system on new hard drives; you have planted that seed of doubt so will get another drive and work with two….. Thank you 🙂


  4. I had a similar experience, David, less than a half a year ago. In my case I bought Toshiba, and loved it, but sadly, it is already back at the company because of a sound socket that seems to be defective. Under the warranty, of course… but it’s a problem not having it for a few days. I too couldn’t stand the windows 8 at first, but learned that the good points were as numerous as the bad, and I now work with it with no problem. As for the difficulty with your scanner, I had such problems too, and when searching the net, I found answers to all my problems in numerous forums, from which I also downloaded some drivers that worked fine. It’s aggravating to go through the whole transfer. But my experience was positive in the end. I ignore all help offered for ‘life style’ and it’s true that these new computers have all out advertisements hidden in the start page… but I trust you will know how to ignore them.

    1. Thanks Shimon,
      🙂 doing more deleting than adding at the moment and now have the ‘start’ button back – at least I can switch off without going around in circles.
      I think it was because I didn’t have a choice with the O/S (almost a cartel) but on the positive side, I have lots more memory…..
      I am amazed at all the junk that gets loaded as applications (oh sorry ‘apps’ ) how did I ever manage to make it through 63 years without them.
      But…. will persevere for a while.


  5. Know how you feel David, I bought a laptop to have when I’m away at work and it came with Windows 8, what a pain in the proverbial. Thankfully I worked out how to put it into desktop mode and that’s where it’s stayed. I heard the business take up of Windows 7 was something like 80% but Windows 8 was less than 3%

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