Trials & tribulations of Windows 8.

An update:

I now have both my Canon 9950F and Plustek 7600i scanners working, all be it only with Vuescan (not that I am complaining about this software – it’s a good scanning programme and sells at a very good price). But there in is the problem, Silverfast which is not cheap ! so far does not work……

It seems that if I buy Silverfast 8 all my troubles will be over; but I purchased two copies of an earlier Silverfast iteration which worked well on Windows 7, so am disinclined to spend another large chunk of money just for an upgrade: why is it so expensive to upgrade from a previous version?

My Nikon ViewNX2 works although the European site initially said they only had a Win 7 version, but found it on Nikon USA.

My Canon Pro 9000 printer just about loaded itself – which is how it should be.

Photoshop Lightroom & CS6 are loaded, all I now need to do is set the preferences the way I like them.

Colour calibration is as yet unknown, as I have not tried the Colourvision software, but I live in hope; although I must say the Samsung screen on the ATIV one 7 is brilliant and comparing the colour with my calibrated screen, it shows no difference.

Ho and for those that are contemplating a new computer pre-loaded with Windows 8, be aware that most computer manufactures do not give you a sticker with the Windows registration details any more.….They are locked in the BIOS so do a back-up asap! Otherwise you are screwed (yes there are ways of finding it) but exactly what the consequences of needing a new hard-drive are is anyone’s guess. Digitally, we no longer own things, they are on rent from the manufacturer. My feelings about this are not printable.

As an aside – Down loaded Foobar 2000 which is a great audio player, far better than media player, in that you can throw any file format at it and away it goes, my Stax headphones sound very good with FLAC files. As for audio equipment: I still play those black discs and use a Shure V15iv cartridge in an SME III arm and own 1980’s Quad amplifiers but do acknowledge that digital FLAC files seem the way to go for quality (MP3 even at 320 kbit/s it terrible) and with memory being so cheap now, should not be on anyone’s list of formats.


What passes as normal on this site, will resume shortly.

13 thoughts on “Trials & tribulations of Windows 8.

    1. Thanks,
      Still on going but getting near a working system that I am happy with. Stopped in my tracks a few times though; there is a lot to be said for modern technology, but liking it is another matter.


  1. What you say about renting and not buying is the bitter truth that I’ve been forced to see too. Instead of buying tools, we now purchase service… and predictably, the service isn’t always good. It’s a shame. I still try to be self sufficient, as much as possible… but it’s only a question of time till we’ll be totally dependent on the service providers.

    1. The consumer society (we must have it now!) I fortunately have not fallen into that trap as I was taught to only buy what one could afford. So in most cases, saved until I could; but then expected it to last and I’m still reluctant to throw things if they work or I can fix them.


  2. 1. Acronis True Image Premium support restoring images to dissimilar hardware.

    2. For the 9950F (I have one), the latest version applicable of Silverfast is 6.6 and it doesn’t support Windows 7 or Windows 8; you have to run a virtual copy of XP. I couldn’t be bothered hassling with that so went to VueScan. The Plustek scanner is supposed to be supported with Windows 8.

    1. Strange because both worked ok when I moved from XP to 7 (although it was an upgrade on the same computer – not a new computer as in this case) But so far I just get ‘scanner’ not found on 8 for both.
      Maybe I will just use the VueScan. Although I find the user interface a little non-intuitive.


    1. Thanks,
      E-book files are a classic example – try giving someone else a copy to read like when one had bought and paid for a hardback or paperback , I think you will find the answer is NO.
      Cloud ……. just see if your files are easily available in say 10 years without being told you need an upgrade to your system files and it will cost ?????.
      There is a digital photography archive in UK that gets put on ‘film’ for just that reason.
      And so it goes………


  3. It’s all a foreign language to me, but I do hope you get everything in working order soon. It’s no fun updating these days.

    If you ask me, it’s all a ploy to get more money out of you. You buy one update and everything else has to be updated – these computer manufacturers aren’t dumb. I wonder if they’re all in league with each other.

    1. A definite cartel; otherwise one would have a choice as to what operating system gets loaded on a new computer. Ok, you can if you push (just) for those who build their own, but they are few and far between.


  4. I upgraded my Mac a while ago and lost the use of some software and printer because the software was incompatible. I was forced to buy a new printer. Technology upgrades do not always make life easier.

    1. How right you are – electronics is so reliable these days that manufactures have either to put an item in with a known failure date +/- (plastic usually) or make software no longer compatible. Or hoodwink the young normally, that the item is no longer ‘Life-style’……. the equivalent of the fashion industry.


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