Cloud Storage.

I keep getting asked by my new computer if I would like to use ‘Cloud’ storage for my files.

Good idea ? in principle, but Very bad idea in practise, for many reasons and not just my paranoia  🙂

See this article as an example from the Spiceworks site –spiceworks the-great-dropbacle-personal-cloud-storage-in-the-work-environment

If you Google “Cloud storage who’s stupid idea was that” then you will find lots of examples of those who understand and also work in the IT sections of both large and small companies. They all warn against the security issues (both up & down loading) so the above article that I have linked is not alone.

See – my rant is turning into a big one 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cloud Storage.

  1. Thank you for your continued interest in this latest development of digital technology. It is something I’ve chosen to deal with in my post today.

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