10 thoughts on “Rustaq Fort No3.

  1. Lovely compositions. Especially love the monochromatic as I lived in Oman for 5+ years so they bring back lots of memories and familiar places. Have a super week.


    1. Thanks Dave.
      Yes; I was checking what I could get away with using high ISO and wide apertures. Hand-held with extremes of lighting.
      I think they have some of the ‘soft glow’ that older lenses gave, there is some noise in the shadows but reminiscent of high speed film (so a happy combination, for me anyway).


    1. Thanks – my inner eye does seem to like this sort of image at the moment – I’m sure it will pass. 🙂
      Back to rock-art and sand………


  2. Love the pix, yours always great…the angles and lines.
    But these weren’t there (the railings) – protection for visitors who might fall over edge? Done well in that case. Fits the form, almost compliments it.

    And from recent pix understand they are doing a lot of restoration to old forts etc etc
    Are more people also visiting? Hope so.
    Still on bucket list.

    1. Thank you.
      During the restoration, not only have the forts been substantially rebuilt but also for the tourists, lighting plus railings have been added.
      Not sure about any of it – as I have commented before; stabilisation may have been better ?? but on the other hand, some were very neglected.
      Mud brick needs constant attention, which was not being given.


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