Rock and Sand No3.


Rock & sand No3

18 Comments on “Rock and Sand No3.

    • Thanks Bente,
      Gosh all this talk of snow is beginning to make me feel cold (its 31c outside at the moment) I love snow so know which I would sooner have 🙂


  1. At first sight it seems a real mountain covered in snow. Only after a couple of seconds I realized it is actually small. Love the images with that power.


    • Ha, the powers of a wide angle lens and yes I have often marvelled at how snow and sand under the right lighting can look the same.
      Thank you.


    • Thanks Vicki,
      It sometimes amazes me how even in the most difficult conditions (wind & blown sand) there is a picture that can be made.
      I did struggle with this one and have 3 different interpretations; closed my eyes and picked for the blog 🙂


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