Bahla pot maker from the early 90’s.


Found these – made in the very early 90’s I think (on Kodak Gold) A Potter from Bahla; I wonder what has happened to him in the intervening years?

Almost certainly taken with a Nikon AF401 and 35 to 70 mm zoom lens, shop processed.


Bahla No2C41 negatives scanned with a Plustek 7600i and cleaned up in P/S Cs6 (they needed it !) The local shop did not take as much care as one would expect in more modern places. The negatives had faded (old chemicals used probably)Ā  and the colour had shifted a bit.

4 thoughts on “Bahla pot maker from the early 90’s.

  1. When I first saw all those old palm fronds I wondered what he was going to do with them; then I had a brainwave — LOL — I’d say they provide fuel for the furnace. I like the top pic in particular and the faded look about it.

    1. Thanks Janina,
      Unfortunately I have quite a few negatives from late 80′ through 90’s that are showing fading and colour shift. Especially the cyan dye which I think has been due bad processing by the shop I used (Kodak lab…. so I am a bit shocked) Old chemicals and no stabiliser; I have always kept these negatives in a folder out of the light in UK so not temperature related.
      Ho well, scanning is going to be a long process, thankfully all my B&W negatives were done by me – they have probably got another 100 years or so before they start to go.


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