2 thoughts on “Bahla Fort.

  1. How I would love to have seen these old forts when they were in use and understand the situations that they were addressing!

    1. Oman to some degree was a mystery (enigma) right up to the 1970’s although there had been many explores, Sir Wilfred Thesiger being probably the most well known, little was understood in the west. Even the two campaigns the Brits were involved in (50’s & 70’s) tended to be rather clandestine. They have a very long and interesting history; stone tools, some up to 125,000 years old have been found (Along with the coast of Yemen, they almost certainly had the first human population in the peninsular) also, being seafaring they traded with places as far away a china; in the 9th century there was an established trade route between Muscat and trading ports in the Far East. That put them in conflict with the Persians and later the Portuguese, also to a lesser extent the English…. They were tribal (still are to some extent) and squabbled amongst themselves, so built forts and watch towers for protection. These became strengthened and enlarged over the years and many still occupied as late as the 1950’s.
      Unfortunately with the rush for modernisation, most fell into disrepair; but now that modernity is well on the way, funds are available for restoration projects (contrary to popular opinion, they do not all have an oil well in the back garden 🙂 ) Oman has quite a modest oil output. Culture, history & diversity are the watchwords of HM the Sultan, key to a peaceful and prosperous life. So now rather than an amazed look when exploring the old forts, people are willing to take the trouble and explain their history.

      Sorry for such a long answer………

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