11 thoughts on “Wavy archway.

  1. I like your ‘colour’ – an extension of black and white. You still get to play with contrast to bring out shapes. As for that, LERV the wavy door – for occupants must have made living there way more interesting when no shape predictable.

    1. Thank you Liz,
      I find it a difficult medium but do try: although it was so much easier when using film. I knew when I messed-up it was me not the camera, but now the computer has a mind of its own!


    1. Thanks Mike – I know what you mean, I was the same in Saudi Arabia (3 years and not a single photograph) yet Cyprus 1974/5 and the camera went everywhere. I think it is an attitude of mind.


    1. 🙂 once in a while – the thing is that the second the camera is against my eye the brain starts seeing in B&W. I need a conscious effort when it comes to colour.
      Many thanks Bente.


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