9 thoughts on “Only one way out.

    1. Thanks Vicki,
      The back window was the problem – used my spot-meter and place it on zone VIII / IX which the D800 is quite happy with. Then hoped that I could control the shadows in processing.
      Ho & used a hand-held meter (1deg) the camera meter spot function is a little wide so less control. All the lighting was coming from above.

      Sorry – I some times get carried way with my answers should have just said Thanks 🙂

      1. I get carried away with answers too, David, especially on my old blog.

        I’m trying to do it less on my new blogs and also not answer every comment either.

        Time & energy aren’t what they used to be for me (especially as I have a houseguest at the moment too).

    1. The Labyrinth (1986) “Would he tell me that this door leads to the castle?”
      The Goblin King takes Sarah to a stairwell that closely resembles Relativity by M. C. Escher. 🙂


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