The magic of analog photography – By: Nathalie Lopparelli.

This is what it’s all about – nothing like it 🙂

Sorry for those who don’t speak French (mine is very bad !) but it does not detract from the enjoyment of watching an artist at work.

5 thoughts on “The magic of analog photography – By: Nathalie Lopparelli.

    1. Hi,
      The good ones always do…….
      I love the size of the room, must be great having so much space and the drying rack – I am envious 🙂
      Mine has two enlargers and nova slot units so thought I was lucky but seeing this, hayho… one day.


  1. I enjoyed the movie. Thanks.
    It Brought back fond memories… (gosh, what a great dryer!)
    My lab is still a large part of our basement, custom cabinets and 6ft stainless steel sink are now all thats left in the room that no longer has the welcoming smell of developing and printing chemicals.

    1. I thought some might – the dryer has me foxed; I have not been able to identify one that uses a glazing surface as an integral part (must be very rare now ?) I had an old 12×16 unit that used a removable plate but nothing as grand as seen on this video.
      Her use of ‘potferri’ was so casual, I take nearly as much care as when spotting 🙂


      1. I once had a big rotary dryer. One surface was for glazing and the other was the canvas. Glossy paper was put in gloss side down Matt paper, matt side up.
        That was before multi contrast.
        The table dryers worked the same. But that photographer’s dryer was…as you said “Grand”. I sure would have like’d it.
        Oh, spotting….now I remember why I will never return to film!

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