4 thoughts on “Jebel Track.

    1. Thanks,
      Camera mostly – I use an old Cokin square filter which can be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol after use, fits many lenses.
      If I am not lazy and use my tripod, it means I can take two shots one with & one without; best of both worlds.
      The shape and intensity available this way is endless.
      Trying to reproduce using camera raw in Photoshop as well – but still find the filter method better: those more adept would probably have more success.
      The reason I don’t do it in the darkroom is because I use below the lens contrast filters (ILFORD) and it adds another item in the light path.


      1. Thanks for the explanation. Since I don’t do my own printing, and often shoot digital, it is nice to learn of these techniques. I don’t have any older filters, but I do have an interchangeable set of not the highest quality. It could be fun to try some of these methods. It seems quite reminiscent of the really old lenses, so maybe mounting one of those on my digital would work too (though there are a lot of steps in between, like getting a lens, or adapting one I have to an EOS mount).

        1. A Cokin square filter holder and say a UV filter along with the adaptive rings, can be got very cheap on the second-hand market.
          The best thing with these is easy cleaning.
          Vaseline is good because it can be applied from very light to very thick.


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