11 thoughts on “Jebel Misht.

    1. Thanks very much – another of those that I was not sure gave of its best on a screen (think I got away with it though) maybe my scanning is getting better….. gosh was that a pig I saw fly by 🙂


      1. Scanning and me are having a struggle as well. I use an Epson V700 and can’t get the bundled software to recognise the scanner much of the time, and then figuring out what is the best way to scan – how much modification to do as part of the scan and how to leave for Lightroom to deal with and so on. I am not even sure what I am doing 90% of the time and just use the defaults and auto exposure modes. Cop out in other words.

        1. Ha ….. I truly sympathise.
          Have a look at this software, it is very easy to use and cheap as these things go, drivers work very well even the dreaded windows 8 !!!


          One thing I learnt very quickly was – do the scan with the minimum of change when scanning (almost a flat image, by setting the Black & White points so they almost but don’t touch the edge of either side of the histogram) unless you see clipping.
          Stay away from any help that the scanner thinks it can give you as this will almost certainly mean lost image data; especially in B&W – colour is the opposite, go for all you can.
          Scanners do not like silver halide negatives !!!
          The other advise is, learn to swear under your breath cos if like me, you will do a lot of it 🙂


        2. Thanks David. I have not tried VueScan – I have been using Silverfast SE that came with the scanner, and often does not recognise that the scanner is on and plugged in. It is powerful but tricky to use, for me anyway. I have also been using the Epson Scan software and it is pretty good for the colour negatives but I have not tried it on black and white. I am ready to try another kind of software, and have seen some reviews of VueScan which sound promising. Since I don’t do my own printing (or processing) I have a pretty limited idea of what is actually on a negative that I might be missing with a scanner. I have noticed colour shifts from the colour negs which makes me think the software is correcting when what I really want is a neutral scan and to do my own correcting if I want.

    1. Thanks Mike – I was trying to represent a feel for the place; so rather than a literal image I thought this gave some ideas about the light, ruggedness and isolation that I feel when there.


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