Problems opening theme page.

Problems opening theme page – actually anyone’s WordPress page: very strange as the theme construction is just not there.

Ho well, with luck the ‘Happiness Engineers’ will sort out what is going on: two computers, one win8 the other win7 also a Samsung tab on Wi-Fi, using Firefox or Windows Explorer, all show the same problem.

With luck this post will look ok as preview puts it all down one side of the page, my theme is just not there.

In the meantime here are a few from my favourite mountain:

Rising mist - Jebel Shams

Rising mist - Jebel Shams No3

Rising mist - Jebel Shams No2Nikon F4 using T-Max 400 @ 320.

13 thoughts on “Problems opening theme page.

  1. Hi David, like the three choices, think I prefer the selenium (is is that .)… Excellent shot though, no matter what the toning! Glad to hear The Oman is still back in an earlier time…it always was…

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks – the print is toned with an old bottle of Kodak brown toner (no longer made) and a second bath of selenium so you were close.

    1. Hi šŸ™‚
      Yes probably – knowing Omantel who knows, I called the help line …… hummmmmmm.
      In the meantime the other provider works fine.


    1. Many thanks,
      I think speed may be my problem as well – lack of !!!!
      The internet here in Oman is only just passed ‘man with letter in forked stick’ speed some days.


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