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In the meantime here are a few from my favourite mountain:

Rising mist - Jebel Shams

Rising mist - Jebel Shams No3

Rising mist - Jebel Shams No2Nikon F4 using T-Max 400 @ 320.

The Hajar Mountains: جبال الحجر

Al-Hajar Mountain rangeFor those interested – this is an indication of the different topography that can be seen when getting up high in the mountains. Made from about 7500ft – note the wadi winding through the valley.

From Wiki:

The Hajar Mountains in north-eastern Oman and also the eastern United Arab Emirates are the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian Peninsula. They separate the low coastal plain of Oman from the high desert plateau, and lie 50–100 km inland from the Gulf of Oman coast.

The mountains begin in the north, forming the Musandam peninsula. From there, the Northern Hajjar (Hajjar al Gharbi) runs southeast, parallel to the coast but moving gradually further away as it goes.

Jebel Misht.

Jebel Misht (out of the mist).

Jebel Misht rises to over 2,000m, it is one of Oman’s ‘exotics’; an outcrop of rock that is unrelated to the rocks surrounding it and is probably the country’s finest rock climbing venue. First climbed by a French team led by Raymond Renaud in 1979, this was the first major rock route in Oman and still attracts many climbers trying to forge new routes.

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