13 thoughts on “Tombs near Al Ayn No2.

  1. Ha! sponge eh?
    I like this shot – the yellowness of the foreground and the blueness of the background is a very striking and unusual effect. Was this the light, or did you manipulate things in the darkroom?

    1. Sponge – long story: “Gonu” 🙂 but the lights are good, as they will stay on while completely submerged for over an hour!!!! no comfort when you are sitting on-top though.

      I used a long lens (200mm) which compressed the image some what and held the hazy blueness of the mountain so no manipulation. Also the rock the tombs are on is exactly that colour, quite striking really; probably what attracted them to the place.


      1. Oh dear. And some embarrassment when you did find a way out, with help. I had to walk a few miles once to find a lady and her tractor to pull me out – water flowing across the floor, – after I chose the wrong one of two crossings. At least there was a lady and a tractor, but I was only 19, the truck had a government decal on the side, and I was blushing for days.

        I agree about that choice. Amazing that they are in such good condition all this time later.

    1. Thanks Bente,
      I’ve been getting out and about now that the weather is back to tolerable 30ish and moving down.
      There has been some interest in the area this was taken. When did the first Humans arrive and what was the environment like? There is so much to be discovered, right back to middle or late stone-age.


  2. Like this one David. The well defined foreground is separated from the hazy background both by colour and contrast which combine to make a fine image. Now here’s my gripe….I can’t view it in all it’s glory because it is too small in file size. Is this you being paranoid again? 🙂

    1. Thanks Mike.
      My Landrover makes me do it….. my old one was very good at finding out of the way & interesting places. My new one is becoming just as bad (maybe I should have got a sponge with a wheel at each corner – sorry I mean Land Cruiser 🙂 ) then again they have a nasty habit of drowning. Don’t ask !


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