My site is still not loading correctly.

Jebel Fortified House green tone

Site is still not loading correctly – it would seem that my provider (Omantel) has taken a dislike to something on WordPress: they are applying some form of filtering.


4 thoughts on “My site is still not loading correctly.

  1. Great shot. I’m sorry to hear you’re still having probs loading your WordPress site. Damn annoying isn’t it. With your great computer skills and experience, it must be very frustrating.

    …..and one of my two blogs, (which are both The Adventure Theme with exactly the same layout and low resolution images), does not load instantly either. I’m talking about my Living with Nature blog. My old blog, which has a different themed template, loads immediately and that certainly has some higher resolution & size images from back in the days when I didn’t know any better (with some 1250 posts and 3500 images on it).

    Computer Technology is one of life’s great mysteries (to me),

    1. Thanks Vicki,
      ‘my computer skills’ an illusion 🙄 I hate the things, along with mobile phones….. but one has to make certain sacrifices for the pleasure of communicating with people like your self 🙂

      It’s all very strange because no WordPress site opens correctly with one provider (mine) yet does with another: both subject to the same rules !!
      So still think there was a change in W/P server output, although they seem convinced it’s my provider. Only consolation is that I am not alone.
      Adding https:// as a prefix to any W/P address makes everything work but it is a real pain !!!!

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