9 thoughts on “Reflections No2.

  1. Beautiful shot, I really like the rimples in the water (and your use of b&w is amazing as always, well more even all the greys); there are too many perfect mirroring shot out there 😉

    1. Thanks – depending on how long ago it was since you were here – the changes in most of the significant towns has been dramatic. Fortunately Oman did not fall into the trap of modernity at all costs; they went for the basics first – health, education & electricity.
      Ho & becoming aware that tourists come for the history and like to see it.

      1. I was there from 1980 to 1985. It feels like a lifetime ago. It was a time when you needed a sponsor for a visa or a job that gave you that sponsored visa. I worked for the Sultan of Oman as a flight attendant as well as working for his nephew Said Sami when he started the perfume business Amouage. Sultan Qaboos was always savvy when it came to introducing change so I’m glad to see he did not falter in that respect. The history has always fascinated me and I felt grateful to be there to see a lot of the places you now write about and photograph before the advent of tourism. Thanks for the memories.


    1. Ha, I always have a sense of the history associated with some of these places; especially when one can just stand and wonder, without being disturbed. Which is what I was trying to recreate.
      There has been human habitation in this wadi from about 2500 BCE.


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