Wadi Tanuf – again.

Trees against rock - TanufTrees grow well in Tanuf wadi; there is some surface water throughout the year & occasionally very deep pools can form, not to mention the dirt road being washed away.

P.S as of a couple of days ago, I could not get anywhere near this area because the track  has been totally flooded – so my return for more rock art will have to wait  😦

Newly discovered rock art in Wadi Tanuf.

Newly discovered rock art in Wadi Tanuf.

Rock Art TanufThe above image gives some idea of the erosion these images suffer – this has lost a large portion of the rock due to weather damage over many hundreds of years.

The images below have been colour shifted so that the subject is more defined. The first two from a rock about a third of the way in and the last three near where the wadi branches in two directions.

Several other rock faces have images but they were very faint and will need technical image manipulation.

Rock Art Tanuf No1The above triangular clothed Anthromorph is almost a mirror image of one found on a rock in a wadi near Nakhal, about 50km away as the crow flies: I wonder if it was made by the same person?

Rock Art Tanuf No2

Rock Art Tanuf No3

Rock Art Tanuf No4

Rock Art Tanuf No5