In search of Hafit Tombs.

 These are from another visit I made to Wadi Tanuf – this time looking for the tombs which are probably associated with the rock art I posted a couple of weeks ago.

If I get my time lines right – they are probably Hafit/Umm An-Nar: 3000 – 2000 BC.

Tanuf Wadi No2

Tanuf Wadi No3

Tanuf Wadi Hafit-Umm an-Nar

Tanuf Wadi Hafit-Umm an-Nar 3

Tanuf Wadi Hafit-Umm an-Nar 4

Tanuf Wadi Hafit-Umm an-Nar 2

11 thoughts on “In search of Hafit Tombs.

  1. Damn, I just wanna pack a lunch, hike up to that rock, and sit there for an hour, letting all that space and light and texture soak into me.

    I think I can actually inhale stone. It’s delicious.

    1. Oman does that to you – there are two kinds of people who come here: those that hate every second and can’t wait to leave and those that are totally smitten and never leave 🙂
      Hike or trek, build a camp-fire, erect the tent, in my case a Guinness, feet up and enjoy.
      Not many places left that one can do that………


    1. Many thanks,
      It was an enjoyable trip with overnight camping on a ledge just below where the tombs are found.
      I may even have identified the remains of the village associated with both rock art & tombs; unfortunately partially destroyed by the building of a dirt-track road.
      All good fun 🙂

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