5 thoughts on “Another from Nakhal Fort.

  1. Wow..what an interesting place. I really like how you photographed it. The angles, shadows and backlighting give it such a..is medieval the right word? Anyway from a bygone era look.

    1. Many thanks, I am please you mentioned medieval as I was hoping for a feeling of age in making these.
      The site has indications of a fortified structure on this rocky outcrop from a pre-Islamic period; it was extensively renovated in the 17th century, so old!

      In 1876 Colonel S B Miles described it thus:

      ACROSS THE GREEN MOUNTAINS OF OMAN.Royal Geographical Society. London.
      Published 1901.

      “I was wondering where the town could possibly be, in front of us, several matchlocks were suddenly discharged in our direction and I perceived a tower perched on a steep pinnacle 200 feet high, standing guard as it were, over the entrance, and from which the sentries had fired to give notice of our approach. Rounding an angle, we were now confronted with the massive ramparts of the fortress, which warned by the watch tower, immediately began to fire a salute from a battery of twelve-pounder iron guns, the sound of which reverberated sharply from the rocky walls of the glen.”

      It has been an interesting place for many explorers and a few not so welcome invaders (Portuguese being probably the last) so has stood the test of time.
      Sorry for the long reply 🙂

      1. You descriptive reply was perfect David. That and your pictures really gave me a feeling of the place.
        I could picture you “perched on a steep pinnacle 200 feet high” releasing a few bursts from your D800. Thanks, and best of this season to ya.

    1. Thanks, it is a place I enjoy visiting; especially at this time of year (cooler) as it has extensive palm plantations and a hot-spring at the far end of the village.

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