In search of the dead – Wadi Bani Auf.

Bee-hive type tombs Auf damageBeehive type tomb archaeological site in wadi Bani Auf.

Damage carried out by road (dirt track) maintainers or the electricity contractors – either way very sad.

Bee-hive type tombs AufAbout six tombs further along the track from those above (the pile of almost black rocks centre of image)

Very early Islamic gravesProbably early Islamic – directly across the track from those above.

I find this continuous use of the same burial site quite common – time span can be 2 or 3 thousand years.

12 thoughts on “In search of the dead – Wadi Bani Auf.

  1. The burials over SUCH a long time amazing – the continuity awesome – the way it should be. Agree re sense of intrusion but I’ll bet they know you’re doing them honour.

    1. There has been so little disturbance at many of these sites (not now as could be seen) that one can even find pottery and flint etc.
      The problem now is trying to keep up with what could be destroyed unknowingly.

    1. I have the same feelings – I also apologise for the intrusion when walking around them (why: I’m not sure – it has always seemed the right thing to do) especially the ones where you find a large and very small grave together. Rather sad really, because it is almost certainly a mother a child.

      1. Strange that you should say that David. I felt exactly like that when I visited the Jewish Cemetery in Holland last year. The children’s section was especially hearbreaking. No parent should ever have to bury a child but it happens. I was the only person there that day which made me feel that I was the only living among so many dead. A calm but somber experience.

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