9 thoughts on “Muttrah Corniche – Last Today.

  1. This was one of my first views of Muscat, the morning after I arrived for a year’s stay in June 1995. A magical district, superb city in a wonderful country. Warm memories.

    1. Pleased I gave you some good memories of your stay – you would see a lot of changes in some areas since 95.
      But overall it has maintained its charm and friendly atmosphere.

    1. Much appreciated: one of those places that is on my door-step but only gets a visit once in a while. Should see it at night time – cannot move for people.
      Must grit my teeth and go with the camera……..


    1. Thank you and yes they are surprisingly resilient – two tropical cyclones have been through since I’ve been here and they are still there….. the houses that is 🙂
      Although looking at today’s weather forecast for the coming week – humm it maybe a case of batten down the hatches! and I should be visiting Masirah (I think not !!! ) if the expected tropical storm develops as predicted.


  2. I’ve quietly admired and coveted those ornate balconies for years. Seeing them here is making me smile – thinking of the sights, sounds, smells of the souk, sunshiny days and family… X

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