Wadi Mahram.


Pond with rushes No2

Pond with rushesAmazing what a little rain will do – actually I hear there was a lot while I was away.

An early morning visit;  it is a few years since I was last here and I was wondering how an archaeological site had  survived the coming of electricity poles.

More on that subject later.

6 thoughts on “Wadi Mahram.

    1. Thanks Vicki,
      It was a good morning for light, although got rather harsh by late morning, so I made the best of it.
      Oman weather has a cyclic nature (around a 10 year period) winters getting progressive colder and longer. It then all changes and goes the other way; we are about two thirds into a cool period. All controlled by the Monsoon which sweeps over the Indian Ocean; gives Dhofar its lush climate.
      So in answering your question: it all depends on the weather 🙂 but probably late March early April and down hill until October.
      The odd very bad storms in June/July over the mountain regions can top-up the water supply, but most evaporates quite quickly.
      Muscat has a micro climate all of its own (summer is always bad) Khasab is another, locked in by mountains which re-radiate the heat during the night, temperatures can get upto 50c at times.
      Sorry for the long answer…..


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