Wadi Mahram Archaeological site.

A very interesting visit, even though I got up at 0445 (time for coffee & toast) it also meant that I could avoid the early morning traffic.

Wadi Mahram has many archaeological sites – but as usual for Oman, very little published information (it can be found if one is willing to search the internet) I pity the tourists who may only have a short time here.

burial cairns No1

burial cairns No2

burial cairn  No4

burial cairn  No3All the above are (I think) Late Iron Age tombs,

Pre-Islamic gravesEarly Islamic or late pre-Islamic (I am not experienced enough for a certain date)  and as usual, very close-by the above cairns.

bulldozer tracksBulldozer damage – it is almost as if the driver does it deliberately !

Wadi Mahram.


Pond with rushes No2

Pond with rushesAmazing what a little rain will do – actually I hear there was a lot while I was away.

An early morning visit;  it is a few years since I was last here and I was wondering how an archaeological site had  survived the coming of electricity poles.

More on that subject later.