12 thoughts on “Precarious !

  1. And to think that when we purchased our home my one non-negotiable was a flat, fenced in yard so our kids could run and play… yikes!

    1. 🙂
      I think it is survival of the fittest when it comes to children – some of them do seem to be like mountain goats when it comes to running over the rocks and paths.


    1. It is – but very isolated and they have only recently been given electricity (at great expense !) so a hard life.
      Getting them to move is impossible, then again when families have been there for about a thousand years and the existing ones at least 300 years, I am not surprised.


        1. 😉
          Don’t get me started on that – some enterprising group has just convinced Oman that they should have windmills for electrical generation. They have vast open areas of desert !!!!!! & sun for nearly 365 days a year go figure as they say.


    1. They certainly did and only two access points; down into the gorge or over the top via a narrow path, unseen in this image but comes in from the left.


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