6 thoughts on “Sand & More Sand.

    1. Many thanks.
      I had a lot of trouble getting the change from ‘almost white to almost black’ with this one – my ineptitude with digital was tripping me up !
      With a fibre print it would have been easy – pick the right paper and test strip, then it’s only a case of ‘dry-down’ and voilà….. I follow A/A’s maxim “the negative is the score & print the performance” but we are getting there I think.
      I use Canon Pro Premium Matte PM-101 with my PIXMA Pro9000 which gets me a similar look, but it’s not an intuitive process. One of these days I will buy one of the dedicated B&W printers (when I can justify the expense) then get someone more skilled to teach me.
      Non of which is readily available here in Oman and I never have time when I visit UK; but, developing an escape plan which means I will eventually have lots of time for indulging in all thing photographic. Far more fun than fixing radar.


  1. That is absolutely stunning. Love how the tone ranges emphasises and highlights the ripples on the dune.

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