5 thoughts on “Wadi Rocks.

  1. It occurs to me that visiting these wonderful locations must have slowed down your approach to photography. The image feels measured. Unrushed and calm.

    The light is wonderful, catching the rocks and giving them form, though the scale is difficult to determine, but that’s not a criticism.
    Am I correct in thinking that you have used a graduated nd filter?

    1. Ha,
      I have heard it said “don’t go with David into the mountains unless you take the whole day! he can take an hour on a photo…..” so you are right.
      I have a couple of ND filters that have slight colour casts so use them exclusively for B&W, it’s not always successful when I can only take my mono-pod but can’t have everything…..
      Scale – always difficult when everything is big, and after a day clambering over the rocks, even the smallest can feel like a mountain…. Must be getting old 😉

      1. These days it’s too easy to rumble through 50 exposures, though grabbing opportunistic shots of people is easier…..oh, and it’s cheaper!
        Thanks for your reflections, regards, John.

  2. So Mountains of the Moon, I mean very Rider Haggard – surreal, otherworldly and the thought of rushing torrents coming down SCARY! Great!

    1. Gosh that’s a writer I’ve not looked at for many years – Project Gutenberg is my friend 🙂 reading them again will take me back to when I was knee-high to a grasshopper.
      You are right – not a place to be when it rains…..


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