A window in Ibri.

window-ibriWidow – abandoned village of Ibri.
Nikon F2sb with Nikkor 25-50mm f/4 Ai lens.

I have just answered a comment by Jane & realised that this image was taken with a camera that was produced between 1976-1977, a lens that was made in 1979, Kodak Microdol-x  from a bag dated 2007 & film with a use by date of 2010.
At least the distilled water I used for development, was only 6 months old   🙂

As Sulayf fort.

As-Sulayf-castleBuilt by Al Immam Sayf bin Sultan Al Y`aribi in 1718 & overlooking As Sulayf Valley.
Nikon F2sb with Nikkor 25-50mm f/4 Ai lens

An early morning visit that proved to be rather a waste of time in some ways – the place has been touristified: isn’t open all the time and has a guide !! now the last thing I wanted was a guide……. but to be fair, he was only doing his job.
I did not need someone leading me by the hand and telling me things I already knew, he did not seem to understand that all I wanted to do was make photographs: I gave up in the end. Hay-ho, it did make me go the extra couple of Kilometres and visit the old town of Ibri.

Wadi rocks.

Wadi rocks.Wadi rocks.
Nikon F2sb with Tokina 35-70 AIs AT-x f2.8 lens. Made on Ilford FP2 plus @ Iso 100.

This is a difficult negative: I used the F2sb with its average meter  (No spot meter with me – needed it !) The contrast differences between left & right is quite extreme & requires a lot of dodging & burning for balance.

Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 AI-s lens.

Kodak – Tri-X 400 at ISO 320.

This was taken using my Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 AI-s lens on the F2SB camera.

A lens that I think can still be found ‘new’ but there are many excellent used items on the market, it is worth looking out for one in fine condition.
Takes 52mm filters, focuses down to 9″ or so at which point the image has a magnification of 1:2 and can be increased to 1:1 with the use of a PK13 extension ring; one of Nikon’s sharpest lenses.

An excellent optic for both general photography and close-up work; distortion correction remains virtually unchanged over the entire focusing range,
It seems to have a reputation for oil contamination of the aperture leaves, I know several people who have used one of these lenses and none has had this problem. But it may be worth using a bit of caution if buying used.