Masirah – just another day at the office.

New Masirah ferryShock, horror – Masirah has a new ferry that actually goes when advertised !
In a previous post I mentioned how the Masirah ferry is disorganised and chaotic – the boats are not exactly following any health & safety rules (in fact European H&S would have an apoplectic fit !) they go when they feel like leaving (no time-table, that was tried and ignored) and boarding is a free for all.

Not any more – look at the above picture, a catamaran with a time table & tickets no less. Safety video, air-conditioned seating the whole nine yards  🙂

2 thoughts on “Masirah – just another day at the office.

  1. From your original post about Masirah and how special it is…perhaps the old ferry was a GOOD thing!

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