Wadi Tayeen – Devil’s Gap B&W.

Wadi Tayeen No3On the road to Devil’s Gap – having crossed two water obstacles that stretched across my path and unknown to me at this time, three more. It became safer giving up the comfort of my Landrover and getting wet feet !
With terrain response engaged, the LR2 happily takes most things in its stride BUT……. there is a point when caution is the better part of valour  🙂



5 thoughts on “Wadi Tayeen – Devil’s Gap B&W.

    1. Thanks Pamela,
      It is now getting cooler and for the next few months, is the perfect time for exploring. Just a case of deciding where the rains will be & in late December on the Jebel, snow !


    1. It is; but like everywhere that now has hardtop access roads, becoming less of a challenge (a polite way of saying every Tom Dick & Harry will go) hay ho……..
      Good for the locals & the tourist industry I suppose, selfish on my part but if I never need off-road skills then its no longer an expedition if you know what I mean. Looking at some of your trips I am sure you understand quite well 🙂


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