Wadi Tayeen Waterfall.

Wadi Tayeen No2Wadi Tayeen.

Spot the waterfall…….. I only noticed it when going through the files and had them at 100% – not very observant of me, although I would probably never have been able to reach it.

2 thoughts on “Wadi Tayeen Waterfall.

  1. It really is tucked in there. No wonder you did not see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s audible in the right conditions. Would it ever get the light, or is this spot always in shadow? Might be further possibilities if a beam of light were in that crack.

    1. I need to go back – had not been in this region for a couple of years, there is now a hardtop road which gave me pause for thought, (another way of saying – sort of lost) as all landmarks had changed……
      If I workout the sun position at any given moment, maybe it will give me the opportunity of being there at exactly the right time.
      Needs be done before the summer sets in again……..


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