Open window with tray.

Open windowThis image is not sharp (movement) has chromatic aberration, noise and would normally be deleted but…….. gives a lovely print on art paper.
So, as I am the one who gets to choose – it stays  🙂

8 Comments on “Open window with tray.

    • Many thanks Jane,
      It nearly bit the dust! only because I also liked it enough that I looked for possible solutions to the problems it has.
      Art paper was the way to go……


    • In some ways, that is probably my attraction as well – hence using art paper for its silky texture.
      For how to do it right !!
      For colour, have a look at this site on Dye Transfer printing:

      He was a master at this method.
      For B&W, Ilford did a lovely matt fibre gelatin silver paper that was almost like using black velvet; art paper is the nearest I can get for ink-jet.


    • Very kind – it is all part of the fun, for me at least; I cannot resist stepping into old and sometimes derelict buildings. Not to mention dirt-track roads 😉


    • Thanks – I think you are right although some of the doors have a magic of their own as well: never know what will be beyond.


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