Store room.

Door to store roomD800 – AF-s 35mm f1.4 G Nikkor.
Store room.

P.s This is part of my New Year resolution – going back through my files for colour images that I made at the same time as the black & white ones.

8 thoughts on “Store room.

  1. Look forward to seeing some more of these colour images. They follow along the same lines as simple, but striking, compositions I suppose.

    1. Maybe my N/Year resolution will be worth it. Going through my old files after (the colour images) not being looked at very often; I even surprise myself with what I have tucked away.
      Easier said than done when it comes to the slides & negatives though 🙂


    1. Unless there is a lock on it, I will look inside.
      For those with locks; coffee & dates then tell them I am English and it works wonders (almost like our dark blue passport of old) 😉


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