5 thoughts on “Forgotten bowl in abandoned building.

    1. Thanks,
      It was what caught my eye when exploring different rooms, mostly dust, dirt, sand & spiders webs. Once in a while I get a voice in my head saying “me, me photograph me” 🙂 & there was the bowl sitting forlorn.


  1. Oooooo I do love this! The blip of colour and … hmmm, all else! The great boulder beneath ramps up the curiousity…one grapples with what it MIGHT symbolise and sinks back to reality: a grinding stone, or somewhere to sit!

    1. Thanks,
      Another one of those images that I overlooked until now, the problem of not having negatives sitting on the light-table for days and going back for another look.
      It is easier on the screen but just as easy to forget what has been looked at.


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