Muscat – Palace area.

Yesterdays early morning walk around the Palace area of Muscat.

For a capital city – note how clean it is.

6 thoughts on “Muscat – Palace area.

  1. It sure is ‘clean’. Where are the cars and people 🙂
    Or were you just lucky in the time of day you took the photos?

    1. Ha….. me – people & cars: never. 🙂
      Early on a Friday morning (like a Sunday for us) and this area is mostly government and so rather quiet outside working hours.


  2. He built it where it used to be, just below Jallali? Incredibly HUGE, especially that long shot. I can’t wait for it to be 500 years old – which is a compliment.

    1. Actually it is said that he does not like this palace and much prefers the one near Seeb. But it is grand and picturesque with lovely gardens, although most of the old houses and British Embassy have been moved or gone ….


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