Old chemicals & film – not always a good mix !

From Jebel Shams.Made at about 9600ft early one morning on my Yashica 124G: using old Kodak Ektachrome sw 100 6×6 film.

Found in the back of my freezer…. age, no idea because the outer box was missing – but old ! which is why it got overlooked (well that’s my excuse anyway) I will not mention the box of old developer used.

There is some unevenness seen in the sky (like bromide drag) probably more chemical related than film. But hay-ho, it is always fun not being really sure what will come out of the tank. At least it wasn’t a completely clear strip of emulsion with a glutinous mess in the bottom of the tank; old story, as I was trying development of B&w transparencies and got the acid quantity wrong    ❗

10 thoughts on “Old chemicals & film – not always a good mix !

    1. I go there for work….. although if I’m honest, any excuse for a visit will do, it gets me away from four walls & a computer they call my office.


  1. The photograph looks beautiful here in the States! Wonderful landscape! Your story of a strip of clear film reminded me why I really like digital photography. I had one of those many years ago…I used a high energy developer that had, unbeknownst to me, lost all of its energy. Quite disappointing.

    1. Thank you – ha the trials & tribulations of film 🙂
      But as long as I have room for my enlarger, I don’t think I will succumb to the computer completely (bad enough using them in work – open windows & flying lessons come to mind !!) although ‘raw’ processing does open a whole new ballgame.

    1. Thank you…… I hate wasting film so am lucky I managed this.
      Normally I don’t have much of a problem with old film but add old chemicals and I suppose I was asking for a hard time.


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